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Records, Honours & Septathlon

KLAC Records and Honours

The procedure for recognising a new or equal Centre Record on the Saturday morning of the performance is as follows:

 · Take the ticket with the performance shown on it to the Key Assistant for the event.

· The Key Assistant verifies the performance and signs the back of the ticket.

· The athlete takes the ticket to be recorded in the Records Book at the Gordon Club Table.

· The athlete is given the top copy from this book and their ticket is returned to them.

· The athlete takes the top copy to the Announcer to have the record announced.

· The Announcer gives the top copy to the Records and Rankings Officer.

 If a possible record is discovered after the end of the Saturday morning competition, contact the Records and Rankings Officer.  Recognition of such records may be delayed or even denied unless some verification can be found – for example, a properly completed results sheet.

 Records are only recognised while competing in the correct age group in events held at Bannockburn Oval during the scheduled program.  This excludes extra unscheduled events allowed for athletes to record enough performances to qualify for Championships selection.

 Generally records will not be recognised while competing in ad hoc mixed age group events.  However, records will be recognised for the following mixed events:

 · Under 9 Girls & Boys 700m Walk held together,

· Under 10 & 11, Girls & Boys 1100m Walk, held in any combination,

· Under 12 Girls & Boys 1500m Walk held together,

· Under 13 to 17 Girls & Boys 1500m Walk, held in any combination,

· Under 14 to 17 Girls & Boys 200m Hurdles, held in any combination,

· any combination of Under 13 to 17 Girls & Boys 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m & 3000m that the Track & Field Officer decides to hold for operational reasons, and

· any Field event combination provided that the correct technical specifications are used and the Track & Field Officer has approved the event.

In general, athletes may not request to compete in a combined event.  Only the Track & Field Officer may, at his discretion, decide to combine suitable events to assist in the timely running of the Saturday morning program.

Under 13 to 17 athletes cannot set Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics Centre records while competing in the Friday evening Teen Athletics competitions as these events are held under senior rules rather than Little Athletics rules, and are overseen by senior officials rather than Little Athletics officials.

 Please note that the above rules for records also apply more generally to recording Season Best Performances.

Ku-ring-gai athletes hold a range of records both at and above centre level.

Ku-ring-gai centre records:

Female Track Centre Records

Female Field Centre Records

Male Track Centre Records

Male Field Centre Records

Zone records held by Ku-ring-gai Athletes

Region records held by Ku-ring-gai athletes

State records held by Ku-ring-gai Athletes

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