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Little Athletics Centre

Designed for kids aged 5-16 years

Run, Jump & Throw

General & event-specific coaching

Compete with other Clubs

Have fun on Saturday mornings

Members Survey

Thank you to the 125 members who completed the survey.

We asked members if they would recommend Little Athletics to a friend or other family. We also asked what do members like about Little Athletics and what should we do to improve the offering we provide.

We achieved a net promoter score of 48 which is excellent and demonstrates we have significantly more promoters than detractors.

Feedback was across a number of areas. We have also included some of the large amounts of comments we received as follows:

“ There is a strong community spirit and friendly environment “

Family Orientation
“ It is friendly and inclusive and something we can do as a family “

“ Good fun, like a family day out on Saturday morning “

“ Friends and positive atmosphere amongst the kids and parent helpers “

“ A focus on all athletes not just high achievers “

“ Having all children in the one location for Saturday morning sport is a real positive “

“ Especially like the weekly training for the specialist events “

“ Well organised club , with great coaching and a friendly and welcoming community “

We will undertake a member survey at the end of each season and continually use the feedback to improve the offering we provide all our stakeholders. If you have any suggestions please contact us at

2021/2022 Season

LANSW have advised that due to the extension of the stay at home orders registrations will not open on the 30th of August as originally intended . We will let you know as soon as the new registration date is announced.

In the interim if you would like to express your interest in joining Ku Ring Gai Little Athletics, please send us your details at . Your details should include your name , email address and contact number and  brief details of the child or children you would like to register including DOB and gender.

If you would like to speak to someone please contact our President on 0414 541 867

Please follow our Facebook Page for regular updates and information:

Ku-ring-gai Little A's

Congratulations to John McFadden

John has just been voted in as one of 6 Board Directors for Little Athletics NSW.

John, our previous KLAC President for over 15 years, remains a key part of the committee as Council Liason.  

Wishing Joh all the best iin his well deserved new appointment.



about ku-ring-gai little athletics centre

Little athletics is based on the sport of athletics ( track and field ). It is also the foundation for most sports in the way in which it develops an individual’s  speed , strength and stamina.

Little athletics is a community activity run by volunteers which allows  the family unit to do something together alongside other families in our local community. We do it because we are passionate about children’s well being and see the social , physical and mental benefits of being part of our Little Athletics community.

Little athletics allows children to participate in a range of different activities , meet new friends from different schools and have fun doing so. We encourage everyone to simply do your best and be your best. During the course of the season our athletes get fitter, faster  and stronger. They also develop the mental strength and confidence to push themselves and their fellow athletes.

Little Athletics demonstrates that getting fitter can be fun and enjoyable and families can do it together. Why don’t you and your family give Little Athletics’s a try.

Visit Little Athletics NSW web site – for more information.

Community Profiles

Coles Little Athletics Adventures

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