Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics Centre

Latest News: Sunday, 14 April 2019
Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics AGM and Presentation Day – 5th May 2019
Notice AGM of Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics Centre Inc.

Our 2018/2019 AGM is to take place on Sunday 5th May 2019 from 3.00pm in the West Lindfield Sports Club, Highfield Road, West Lindfield. The AGM will be followed at 4.30pm by our annual Centre Presentations.  From 3.00pm there will be fun activities for the LAs and their siblings and refreshments for everybody.

Membership of the Centre includes our Executive Committee, Life Members of the Centre and all parents of children presently registered with Ku-ring-gai Little Athletic Centre. At the AGM we will hold our 2018/2019 Centre elections and approve our accounts for the past year. There are also important matters about which we believe our families should have the chance to present their views.

As agreed when our new Constitution was accepted and confirmed by our current Executive Committee the make up of the Executive Committee for 2019/2020 will be as follows:-

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  • Secretary
  1. Treasurer
  2. Registrar
  3. No more than 15 General Committee Members.


  • Positions i) to v) above are the Executive of the Centre. No Committee Member shall be permitted to hold more than one Executive position concurrently, although a person may hold an Executive position and a General Committee Member position at the same time.
  • Our Constitution and Regulations are available on our web site www.klac.org.au – Regulation 1 relates specifically to elections and voting and Regulation 2 to Executive and General Committee portfolios, roles and responsibilities,
  • Most General Committee Members take responsibility for a portfolio but some General Committee members can be appointed without attachment to a specific portfolio.

Other matters to note – Nominations must be:-

  • In writing – Nomination forms are available from the Acting Secretary.
  • Signed by two individual Members over the age of 18.
  • Certified by the nominee (who must be a Member) expressing his or her willingness to accept the position for which he or she is nominated.
  • Delivered to the Centre not less than seven days before the date fixed for the AGM.

Further information is available from our President on 0414 250 600

2018-2019 Season KLAC Award Recipients



  • Middle Distance Training ($10 per athlete):5.15pm at Bannockburn Oval


Cancelled today 24th April – due to Clayton being unavailable

  • Clayton Kearney Sprints ($15 per athlete): 4.30pm at Bannockburn Oval

Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics is located at Bannockburn Oval, Bannockburn Road, Pymble

The Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics Centre was established in September 1977 and is one of approximately 200 such Centres in NSW. There are 39,000 “Little Athletes” throughout NSW, and around 90,000 nationally. Kur-ring-gai Little Athletics Centre Inc. is incorporated under NSW law, and is affiliated with the Little Athletics Association of NSW Inc. Our Centre is operated on a non-profit basis, and has no paid employees. Aside from qualified coaches whom we engage for several hours each week during the season, the Centre is operated entirely by parents and family members on a voluntary basis.

Our Centre draws on families throughout Ku-ring-gai including Gordon, Pymble, West Pymble, St Ives, Turramurra and Wahroonga – these six suburbs form the Centre’s “Club” structure. Ku-ring-gai Council maintains our track and field facilities in the best possible condition.

Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics Registration:

For the 2017/2018 season you must firstly register and pay through the Little Athletics NSW web site – www.lansw.com.au. Forms MUST be completed by a parent or guardian, rather than the athlete. Complete all details as fully as possible. The procedure includes internet payment of the registration fee. This year the Ku-ring-gai and State fees will total $150 for each little athlete regardless of the number of little athletes registering from a single family.

Once you have completed your registration and payment through Little Athletics NSW please print off a copy of the receipt, and then to complete the registration process and receive your registration numbers and other patches please present all the documentation, including your receipt and PROOF OF AGE for all new members on any Saturday morning at Bannockburn Oval from 16 September.

Need more information? E-mail: info@klac.org.au or phone Paul Duffell (9449-4831) Any child from 5 to 16 (as at 1st October) can join Ku-ring-gai Little Athletics.