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Contact Information

Email:   info@klac.org.au

Contact Number:  9449-4831

Address:  Bannockburn Road Pymble


You can turn left off the Pacific Highway into Bannockburn Road when heading south. Look out for the BP on the corner.

There is no right turn into Banockburn Road from the Pacific Highway when heading north, so turn right at the lights at Telegraph Road, left into Merrivale and left again at Selwyn Street.

Please don’t park in that part of Reservoir Lane adjacent to the oval – as well as being illegal, it makes emergency access difficult, irritates the neighbours and results in police visits.

Also, don’t try parking too close to the intersection of Bannockburn and Selwyn Streets as it makes visibility more difficult than it appears and causes accidents, possibly to your car, and puts the Little Athletes at risk.

Centre Contacts

Apart from making contact with people on Saturday morning at Bannockburn, you may find it necessary to contact Age Managers and the like during the week.

For all queries and general Club Information email to: info@klac.org.au