Family Log-in

Logging into ResultsHQ


Instructions for how to login and use ResultsHQ:


Families can view their children’s results via the red FAMILY LOGIN button, or at www.resultshq.com.au

Link to video here – (note, at KLAC we use the FAMILY LOGIN button to access resultshq)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knwjekPU-O4&feature=youtu.be

They will require their username (email address registered in ResultsHQ) and password

First time users should use this link to retrieve their password – http://www.resultshq.com.au/login/forgotpassword


Password Recovery

If a Family does not know what their password is, then they can press the ‘Forgot my Password’ button on the www.resultsHQ.com.au website. They will then receive the password via their registered email address. If a true email address has not been established, they will need to contact their Centre Registrar


Weekly Results Viewing

Parents will be able to access their children’s results and results tickets within the ResultsHQ reporting portal once they are logged in. Simply click onto the Members name or a date to get more details.


To produce Results Tickets

To produce results tickets you must navigate into one of the members profiles. Click on a Members name, and you will then notice that against the dates on the right of screen, you will see the test Tickets visible. Click on this to find a view of your tickets.